Pigario is the platform adventure

★ Easy and fun to play!
★ Classic graphics!
★ Realistic physics and graphics to ensure a familiar run and jumping experience!

Eskimo in the city

This is one of the best platformer games. The controls are smooth and easy to handle, the graphics are beautiful, and the game is challenging without being overly.Giving hours of fun for all skill levels.

Word Train – Learn english


Would you like to learn basic English easily with pictures? There are a lot of lessons and topics for you to select. In each lesson, you can see words, pictures, pronunciation buttons. By looking pictures, you can know the meaning of the given words easily. Are you ready? Choose a topic to start.

Move The Birds

Move The Birds has

– Over 500 Levels
– Unlimited Levels & Hints

Manga Quick



Manga Quick – Best Manga and Comic Reader 2015

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