Taking advantage of the potential of modern Web Applications

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Web sites and Web Apps are rapidly evolving in the context of changing technology, new form factors, faster connectivity and the new role of apps and web sites in the user experience in many industries. Expectations are high that companies deliver powerful web apps and web sites for internal use, but also for customers and partners. User Experience expectations are higher than ever, and apps have become very agile to adapt to changes of requirements, features, and the general user and customer experience. Interaction is the key to engaging with a demanding audience and users expect a seamless omnichannel experience that allows them to conduct business across multiple communication channels without loss of capabilities or difference in the information, and with a consistent experience.

Web apps are not just about automating business processes, sharing information and managing transactions anymore. Apps are becoming richer in features, integrating more information from multiple sources inside and outside the company. They are expected to be “smarter” and more relevant, learn from past interactions and be a step ahead of the customer or the user to facilitate engagement and execution.

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